Thursday, 13 December 2007

Oh no you didn't!

Oh yes we did.
Last night St John's Centre hosted our very own Pantomime. 'I'm Aladdin, Get Me Out of Here' starred an internationally famous cast of acting talent.
Oh no it didn't.
Oh yes it did.
Well, maybe not exactly. But it did have a load of SJC & OTN staff and management committee members making fools of ourselves to no apparent purpose. Well, I say no apparent purpose - we did sell out over 120 tickets, had to turn away a whole load more at the door, and made (at the latest count) somewhere around £400 for the Meningitis Trust, in honour of Joshua Spencer, one of our young neighbours and playscheme regulars, who sadly died from the disease last year.
Hopefully we may get some video excerpts online soon for maximum public humiliation, but in the meantime, here are the stars of the show.

Feckless, handsome and just a little dim. That's Aladdin, obviously - not Christine.

Can anyone tell me where to find Princess Pah Kway?
Straight down Stretford Road and left at the lights!

Aladdin: Mum, I'm going to marry Princess Pah Kway!
Widow Twanky: And I'm the Vicar. Pull the other one.

My loyal subjects... it's King Zarode.

Wishy Washy: Oh hello boys and girls... has anyone seen my cat?

It's behind you!


Widow Twanky's laundrette is not averse to a bit of child labour.... and neither is SJC.

There isn't actually a Fairy Godmother in Aladdin. But she turned up anyway.

A crack team of highly skilled technicians and artists worked behind the scenes.

And finally, every Panto needs a villain. Someone unimaginably greedy, brutally cunning, merciless, malicious and mean. The personification of pure evil. I know just the man for the job.